1. zacharge:

    San Francisco Garter Snake (Thamnophis sirtalis tetrataenia)- San Mateo County, CA

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    "Sluggo" 2011 Marter Redhead Blood Python

    The color change in brongs is really amazing!

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    a fashionable leopard Gecko goes on many adventures look here is my Dog

    Rhamb Rhamb Rome the Boate, cappy here, boat is on MY had and this not an EFFECTIVE voegege! leg tire! 9.79/10 shulod have bought a plame tick’t

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    Azazel came home a year ago, today!

  8. fyanimaldiversity:

    Scaleless and abnormally scaled reptiles (part 2 of ???)

    1. This scaleless baby corn snake (Pantherophis guttatus) appears to have no stray scales, and is one of the cleanest scaleless corns I could find. Scaleless snakes do retain their ventral scales for locomotion. [x]
    2. An albino corn baby (any ideas what morph?) who is mostly scaleless, the last third of it’s body has a light sprinkling of scales along it’s sides, and the tip of it’s tail seems to have the highest density of scales. [x]
    3. Scaleless Texas rat snake (Elaphe obsoleta lindheimeriwith nice, clean markings and vibrant orange color. [x]
    4. This San Diego gopher snake’s (Pituophis catenifer annectens) pattern is much clearer and cleaner without scales. It has some stray scales on it’s head and on the top of it’s body. [x]
    5. The term for the scaleless mutation in this ball python (Python regius) is “derma ball”. It’s head and back nearly free of scales, and it’s sides much more densely armored compared to the animals in the previous images. [x]
    6. When this young Burmese python  (Python molurus bivittatus) matures, it may be the largest scaleless reptile in captivity. [x]
    7. A scaleless death adder’s (Acanthophis antarcticus) striped pattern is more vibrant and clean with the outer layer gone, which seems to be the trend. A few scales remain on her (I’m judging by the shape of the tail) face. [x]
    8. puff adder (Bitis arietans) who seems to be completely scale free.[x]
    9. Scaleless rattlesnakes, like this light Western diamondback (Crotalus atrox), seem unable to develop a proper rattle [x]. Since the rattle is made of modified scales, this makes sense. Compare the rattles of these two albino clutch mates, one normal and one scaleless [x]. More on WDR morphs and mutations in my previous post [x].
    10. And finally, a silkie bearded dragon (Pogona vitticeps) with a normal for comparison. [x]

    Part one on hairless mammals found here.

  9. redemogirl123:

    The newest addition to our snake collection. Ptolemy the beautiful male lavender albino

  10. housebatbetta:

    Happy 1st hatchday Idris! My noodle of many names; Snekkerton T. Boops, Mr. Nose, Snakebutt, Snekkerdoodle. September 15th, 2013, you emerged from an egg, and I’m so thrilled you’re mine for many more.

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  12. butthurtherpetologist:

    Tyene has been doing VERY well. She is weighing in at 105g and is eating rat pinkies and pieces of fish fillet. I hope to get her on chick’s when she is large enough. I may start small though with pieces of chick. She also has an amazing feeding response.

  13. crispysnakes:

    2006-2014 - Bristow Stripe

    This girl is deceased, she came to me very sick and we weren’t able to save her.  At the time I pulled down my posts for fear that other boa folks might go harass the breeder she came from (her condition wasn’t his fault, it wasn’t from anything he’d done - he kept his word on all points and was nothing but upstanding and honest throughout the ordeal).

    The necropsy revealed partially absorbed/infected ova in the reproductive system and a heart issue.  Her ashes now sit on my shelf.

    These were the images still left on my desktop, and I figured that now that everything is over a memorial post was in order.

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  14. grey-ramblings:

    Guess who gave me a nice clean shed today!

    Want a belly photo, it’s all black

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    who replaced my snakes with soft serve ice cream