1. fuckyeahballpythons:

    Decided on naming him “Boca”.

  2. goodnessgracies-:

    So I did Snake Yoga yesterday with the cutest Ball Python around my neck at Noah’s Ark, my kind of fun!

  3. mkmorphs:

    2014 Male Killerbee

    This little guy’s name is Skunk! A good friend of ours produced him.

  4. mkmorphs:

    Our Holdback Savannah PH Hypo is looking great these days!

  5. cornysnake:

    The head is fully out! Looks nice and fully developed. The baby is very alert as well. 

  6. the-reptile-report:

    Tinley Park in an Hour

    Ball-Pythons.net - Here is a great video documenting the highlights from last weekend’s NARBC in Tinley Park.

  7. kaijutegu:

    Having found a nice patch of gourds, Harker waits patiently for the Great Pumpkin.

  8. all-seeing-v:

    Paradox Orange Dream Ivory at the Tinley Park Expo. She belongs to Shane Whitaker Quality Serpents and Nick Boles. (x) - Photo taken by SnakeBytesTV.

  10. butthurtherpetologist:


    I found this odd parrot.  He couldn’t even talk!  What a terrible parrot

    What a BIG BOY.

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  12. tasty-ghoul-boy:


    This beast is getting so big!  SCREAM!

    WHAT A GREAT BIG FAT. Hail the Beanbag!

  13. reptiliaherps:

    Look at how big his booty is getting

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  14. raattles:

    hahahahahahahahahahaha its tiny fucking legs hahahahahahahahahahaaaaa

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  15. Same

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