1. serpentineallthetime:

    Baby Purple Sunfire Reticulated Python.
    Produced by SCConstrictors.

  2. celteros:

    by Les Bouska

  5. dakonic:

    Have some Si cuteness

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  6. rubyscales:

    Snapped this pic of Harlowe the other day while cleaning tubs. She shed the next day :)

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  8. lizardbeans:

    More of the gorgeous Sashi 

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  11. superpringle:

    Pringle can be so lazy. Sometimes he just opens his mouth and waits for me to put food in.

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  12. f-emasculata:

    Baby number 5 who I’m falling in love with.

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  14. lotsofsnakes:


    Hmm. That’s not how I left the yard tools. Little guy was just trying to find refuge from the rain, but not in my garage. Too many pets running around outside. So I grabbed some photos and shooed him out into the woods. It had stopped raining anyway.

    thank you for being so kind and not killing it! :)

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  15. dakonic:

    Dante - 1 year old Jungle Carpet Python

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