1. alltailnolegs:

    so i heard these kids like waterbowls

    the entire day

    how are you not a fattyprune

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  2. maximumbuttitude:


    Catesby’s Snail-Eater by monarchzman on Flickr.

    Catesby’s Snail-Eater (Dipsas catebsyi) from San Jose de Payamino

    crisp up them fryers, CRUSTY SNALE

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  3. crispysnakes:

    Breaking hiatus briefly for arrival photos.

    Unnamed - Motley VPI T+ Pink Panther (boa constrictor imperator - BCI)

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  4. sleepysnakes:



    Happy 1st Birthday Khaleesi!

    She wasn’t thrilled about the hat.

    The mother of dragons needs no hats, even though they are really cute on her. :]


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  5. reptiliaherps:

    You think he’s ready to get out yet?

  6. reptiliaherps:

    Bath time was short! Just wanted to get the stink off of him and he was getting pretty worked up so I’m letting him calm down a little in his towel before I go moving him around again.

    Simca doesn’t like bath time much. He particularly does not like the bathroom— not sure why.

  7. reptiliaherps:



    Pongo shed last night and he’s looking fabulous. His tail is so lovely. He’s still a brownie on top and toward the front but he’s changing.

    Blood python (Python brongersmai)

    what a babe


  8. lizardbeans:

    of course a post was needed for just the tongues

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  9. crispysnakes:

    The Eclipse boa (Leopard Colombian Motley).  Produced for the first time last year by Kevin Blumenthal of Blumen Boas.

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  10. 1800daniel:

    The pose would mislead you. This was actually one of the nicest rattlesnakes I’ve ever met. He mostly just wanted to crawl under me to hide. I was a wimp and backed away, though.

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  12. Ella is growing! My Sunglow Boa Constrictor :)

  13. rhamphotheca:

    Forest Hinge-back Tortoise (Kinixys erosa) will have none of your nonsense. The Turtle Conservancy has studied and bred this rare species in captivity, but the most important conservation work happens in the wild. It is not well understood how well this rarely seen turtle is surviving in changing wetland habitats in central and Western Africa.

    (via: Turtle Conservancy & Behler Chelonian Center)

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  14. phoenixregeneration:

    Tiddalik has been crashing around the tank today and pressing his face on the glass, turned out he just wanted an adventure!

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  15. zacharge:

    Coast Mountain Kingsnake (Lampropeltis zonata multifasciata)- San Mateo County, CA

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